Season 1 Edit

Episode 1 "Pilot" - It's the first day back for all schools in Brentwood. The gang runs into mischievous problems when first experiencing their powers. This leads them into questioning and doubt, that Brentwood isn't what it seems from the outside.


Episode 2 "Discovery" - The gang is still pretty confused after their first experience with their powers. And as they struggle to maintain their powers, an evil figure strolls into town looking for trouble. The gang must gather up the courage and use their powers to fight for the first time.(DONE)

Episode 3 "Learning" - Stacy goes to the town library after the fight with a Shadow, the evil version of supers, and finds a book. This book might be the key to what is going on in the small town. Cheryl and Lynphea take the day to practice their abilities. When Cheryl gets possessed by a shadow, desavstating consequences occur.(DONE)

Episode 4 "The Struggle" - More of those suspicious people, the shadows, roll into town. With Stacy and Cheryl not on good terms anymore, Stacy refuses to meet up with the rest.(NOT DONE)

Episode 5 "The Assassination" - When the mysterious death of the towns mayor occurs, Lynphea has a weird suspicion about who or what killed him. With Stacy and Cheryl gone, the crew is confused and concerned.

Episode 6 "Knowledge" - With this new found knowledge about supers and shadows, the gang knows more about what they've had to fight. And Cheryl, having a weird feeling that only more bad things will come, tries to figure out more information.(NOT DONE)

Episode 7 "What Will You Do?" - With a violent group of shadows stroll into the town, they cause some casualties. The gang is building up a plan to see what will happen next, and a way to keep the shadows out of town.(NOT DONE)

Episode 8 "Too late." - A mysterious man of the shadows, the suspected leader, reveals himself in a brutal way. The gang finally comes up with a plan.(NOT DONE)

Episode 9 - "Graduation" With the summer around the corner, and the shadow threat rising, the gang is prepared for anything coming its way.

Episode 10 "Thwarted" - The Man of the Shadows is getting more violent with his attacks, and so are his minions. The gang executes their plan, with a disappointing end.(NOT DONE)

Episode 11 "Are You Prepared?" The Shadows began to patrol the streets as more kept coming in. The gang seems helpless, having no idea on what to do. Stacy comes up with a plan, involving the upcoming solar eclipse.(NOT DONE)

Episode 12 "You Better Run Now." - The gang finally comes up with an idea to end this shadow threat once and for all. Stacy focuses on making her spells much stronger to harness power from the eclipse to use against the shadows.(NOT DONE)

Episode 13 "Lamb to the Slaughter" - With the eclipse tonight, a dangerous riot forms, it is the Supers vs the Shadows in one epic showdown.(NOT DONE)

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